With respect to city property, how can a landowner get info on Section, Township and Range....Deeds for city property does not contains this information. Is it listed in the book/ page info. referenced in the Conveyance Records?

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First six numbers of your account number:

181524.......Township 18 Range 15 Section 24

Caddo Parish residents can go online to get this data.


Bossier Parish

Thank you Ray!!!! You have been so helpful to everyone
on this site.
I don't know where this info came from , but it does not match my tax number. My tax number from that website , isn't near my Township, Range and section. I used the interactive map, it pinpoints all the info.
Thanks Ray,

Now those numbers on the Sec/Township/Range Map makes sense.... Know this will be a great help to many. Thanks again.
1st set of numbers[Township] is always North or South

2nd set [Range] is East or West and then the Section number

181524.......T 18N R15W Sec24
Thanks for this info! For Bossier, do we use the City Lots number, or the Residence number? For example, the City Lots number is 123456, and the Residence number is 123457.
Are you sure this is correct? The unit letter I got has different numbers than the Bossier Assessor's account number.
From a little help from a friend, I used the interactive map. First enlarge the parish, then scroll down to arial map to get a visual of your neighborhood. Scroll back up to boundaries to locate the township, section, and range. I am in shady grove. The street I live on is Township 17N, Range 13W and section 11. So the copany needs to know T17N, R13W section 11
Use the interactive map to find Bossier Parish. Scroll down to arial, the scroll to boundaries and use Township and sections to pin point your location.
Kathy, please forgive my ignorance, but where would I find the interactive map? Thanks.

This is conservation website that can give you sec, township, range

If you go to www.caddoassessor.org You can go to public search and type in your address. The number that comes up will be township, range and section
(1613080xxxxxxxx) will be township 16 north, range 13 west, sectoin 08)
That link to the interactive map doesn't appear to work by clicking on it but it does work if you copy and paste it into the address bar.


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