I am seeking information about activity and what is going on in Beauregard Parish. My land was surveyed

by Seismic Exchange, as many others, huge block . I think Cypress Creek Project. Very big block like

350 miles from Sabine Border through to DeRidder. This was in late 2010, and wasn't finished until late July of

2011. It has been since late 2012, that this info was available to the oil companies, etc. Is there any

way that the landowner can find out the determination of this 3 D project on their land?

I would be greatful for any information.

Marylane Farris

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Sabine Uplift is Ricky  Evans.Ricky and his brother Sonny are major landowners in the  Haynesville Shale. For the  past few years he has been buying a good bit of Boise property. He told me once that he tries to find tracts that are not contiguous to other large Boise tracts in hopes of one day maybe getting the minerals. Ricky and Sonny raise timber.

Someone should tell 'em that Sonny story from WWII.


What about 6S-11W-25 ?