Anyone know of current leasing activity/offers in Cass County?

We own mineral interest in Cass County ( R. Kimbrough Survey) and have been recently contacted by a landman indicating he was working on behalf of Pegasi Energy.  An offer of $175/acre, 3/16 royalty for 2 yr term was made.  I see that Pegasi has had favorable results in Marion County w/ Norbord Well # 1 (just a few miles south of us) and looks like they have commissioned a new pipeline in the area too.  Anyone know of current lease offers in this area?

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north part james taylor 1029 under lizzie roukemore 147 ac tract

did not know there was a james taylor 1033 or 1034

i hear that andadarko is top leasing some of calstons leasesso they must have bought them out.

I got an offer in James Taylor 1034 about two years ago from Calston and then they discontinued their leasing

well it looks like andadarko first well incass county will be in the james clark and s dunman suveys if they can make a deal with general latham if not maybe they can go around him.

clerks office is full of landmen anyone know where they are leasing?

As the clerk's staff to show you the Day Book.  If leases are being filed they will be recorded there.

very few leases are being filed

It only takes a few to determine the general area or areas of interest.  And recording of leases will increase in frequency as the lease effort gathers momentum.  Keep in mind that days and sometimes weeks go by with no recordings and then one day their will be many recorded.  They are recorded periodically in batches so you have to stop by regularly.  I'd suggest once a week.