Anyone know of current leasing activity/offers in Cass County?

We own mineral interest in Cass County ( R. Kimbrough Survey) and have been recently contacted by a landman indicating he was working on behalf of Pegasi Energy.  An offer of $175/acre, 3/16 royalty for 2 yr term was made.  I see that Pegasi has had favorable results in Marion County w/ Norbord Well # 1 (just a few miles south of us) and looks like they have commissioned a new pipeline in the area too.  Anyone know of current lease offers in this area?

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barrow shaver has almost all of the south west part of cass co.leased

they have permitted a 12.000 ft wee about 3 miles s w of linden.

drill site is compleated

Anadarko is drilling as we speak chasing horizontal Bossier oil play in this area. Stroud also doing the same closer to the state line.

Oil?  Or Wet Gas (condensate/NGLs)?

Appears to be oil based on historical vertical test results plus the limited horizontal results to date by Pegasi and Stroud.

But definitely has some associated gas that is pretty rich Btu wise

Thanks.  I'll have to look for some completion reports and review the gravity.

Stroud Arkla Blackstone #1H:  42.7 degree gravity- 10212' TVD.

Pegasi Morse Unit #1H:  >40 degree gravity.

Good gravity on both at those TVDs.

First time to post - I've received lease offer for $150/nma for 3 year and then 2 year extension with 1/5 royalty from plg.  We've countered back at $500/nma and 1/4 royalty.  Our minerals are in the Lucas Isom A-560.   Any knowledge of other offers north of Avinger?  Thanks -  I've followed this forum for a few months, and it is very helpful.