I was looking at the Sonris site and saw a well in my section that was completed and now producing.  I haven't received a division order yet so I called to check on it.  I was told that the surface location of the well was in my section but the bottom hole location was in the section to the south of me so I was not due any royalties.  She said Sonris only shows the surface loaction of the well so it gets confusing.  Does this mean that there could be wells in the sections to the north, south, east, and west of my section that I should be getting royalties on?  How would I know to check to be sure I am not missing something?  Just when I think I'm starting to understand this stuff.......

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For any well on sonris, look under the topic of "Scout Info."  The bottom line of information will tell you exactly where the surface location and the bottom hole location will be.


For example, "346' FNL & 2441' FEL OF SEC 33. PBHL: 250' FNL & 2640' FEL OF SEC 28." means that the surface location is 346 feet from the north line & 2441 feet from the east line of Sec 33.  The Planned Bottom Hole Location is 250 feet from the north line and 2640 feet from the east line of Sec 28.  So for this well, the surface is in Sec 33, but the lateral runs northward under sec 28.


If you are unsure about any well for your section, check the adjacent sections, and see if there are any wells with the lateral running under yours.

SONRIS Lite organizes wells by surface location by section however the well name will use the section which is being produced.  Example a well with surface location in Section 19 will have 30H in its name indicating that it is producing from Section 30 with the H indicating a horizontal well.  You can always look at the first (or bottom line) of the Well Scout Section of the SONRIS Lite Well File.  For a horizontal well it will indicate both the surface location and the PBHL (Planned Bottom Hole Location).  It will look something like this:  Surface location 242' FSL (From the South Line) and 425' FWL (From the West Line) in Section 19.  PBHL location 450' FNL and 428' FWL in Section 30.  This is another instance where horizontal well data must be fit into an existing system which was designed with vertical wells as the default setting.  Takes some getting used to but not difficult once you understand how the database organizes well data.
Tahoe, you just have to check the proposed bottomhole location of wells located in adjacent sections.  Another indicator is the well name includes the section number where the well will produce.  Example -- the JQ Public 12 H1 Well is proposed to be completed in Section 12.

Thanks guys.  I'll do some checking.  There is a Chesapeake well right beside the Petrohawk well in my section.  I guess the horizontal for the Chesapeake goes north and the horizontal for the Petrohawk goes South.


Don't guess.  Look it up on sonris!


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