A few months back horizontal drilling activities in Amite County screeched to a halt, save the completion of the Anderson 17H and 18H wells.


With the completion of 17H and the pending completion of 18H, signs of activity are appearing.

I predict several wells will be drilling by the end of June.


Let's keep ourselves informed here of drilling activities in Amite County.

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As I understand it, Encana has two operating in the area:

Joe Jackson and Weyerhauser offset.

Goodrich is, or should shortly be, drilling the Denkmann 33H

I wouldn't be surprised if Encana moved another rig into the area shortly.

I delivered some food to the Weyerhaeuser 60H-1 rig site yesterday in St. Helena Parish.  Not sure when they got started or if they have but it is something to see.  Very well kept site. 


goodrich is currently moving in an ensign rig

Ensign US Drilling, Rig #753 reported "Moving On" the Denkmann 33-28H #1 on Friday.  Scheduled to spud sometime Sunday.

Goodrich may spud tuesday, rig has been stacked for a few years, many repairs to be made

Looks like the waste water well down by Gillsburg is in the final stages of completion.

One more step toward making the area more TMS fracking friendly!

Joe Jackson well is over 13,000 feet and progressing nicely.

Drilled to 14,200'

Replacing bit...all going well...should be back drilling by Saturday morning.

Is anyone aware of potential drilling activity due west of Anderson 17H\18H wells but in Pike County?

 mineral lease to Goodrich presently.


Due west of anderson 17h\18h would not be in pike, but amite or wilkinson counyies

Rumor is Encana is moving another rig into the area.

They have two operating at present and Goodrich has one.

Things seem to be slowly picking up.



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