1st TMS HZ in West Feliciana

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Location 100% ready. R.W. Delaney to move rig in within the week it appears.

This will be interesting to watch. The wells to the East didn't come in that great at 84 & 120 BOPD. 

What is the location of this well ? Baker's Creek?


I wish we could use Section, Township, and Range in the TMS Group blogs for those, like myself, that don't have local knowlege, but who are, nevertheless, very interested.

S/T/R for the Murphy 63 H in West Feliciana?

Thanks for the reminder, SB.  It is a good idea for all  members to know their s-t-r and be familiar with the organization of sections and townships in government sections.


S61. 62 & 63 - 1S - 3W.

You the man, Skip, my friend!

Skip, I'm in S33 & S39, 1N, 3W.  What impact might this have on my land?

If the well proves up that general area of the TMS, it's a benefit.  I'm not familiar with MS TMS activity which may as close if not closer.  So geologically it would be good.  However S33 is Held By Production in the AUS C RA SUM Anadarko Unit which complicates but certainly does not preclude TMS development. 

Thanks Skip

I get the feeling that the TMS wells sre more expensive than wells in other areas (Like the Bakken), so we may not see real activity until these plays cannot supply the demand.


04/02/2012 05 1950 DROVE 20" TO 230' W/ 200' PENETRATION; SPUD 4/1/12; DRLG;



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