It has been a while since I posted and some things have happend on the lease that may be of interest.


About a year ago, they drilled a horizontal Hainsville, the Wells 2H, but it has never been completed, probably waiting for gas prices to increase.

And recently they brought in the Wells 3H, a Hardwood Cotton Valley. It has been doing quite well since Jan 9, 2012, producing about 4M a day plus some condensate. Waiting for that first check.


And since all that, we have completed our homless shelter here in Marshall. We have been in operation since Aug--'11, housing from 5 to 10 homless folks. The number varies and they come and then go out on their own again. We are a Texas non-profit corp., Marshall's My Friend's House, Inc. and have IRS 501 (c) 3 status so donations are tax deductable. Address: 2610 Elysian Fields Ave., Marshall, TX 75672. We are praying for the wells to produce some income to help with the ministry. Our royalty interest is small, but something is certainly better than nothing.



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